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Intro To Avid Media Composer
In this session you will learn about,

• Launch the application, Media Composer
• Create a new project with the right settings for your media
• Recognise the primary windows of the Media Composer and understand their basic functions
• Create and organize project bins
• Recognize project assets in the bins
• Load media into the project
• Play and mark clips
• Organize the clips into project bins
• Save the project
Intro To Avid Media Compose.pdf
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Rock Climber Avid Exercise
Technical challenge for the Avid workshop
GBAO workshop.pdf
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Avid Rock Climber Exercise
In this session you will learn about
■Create a new sequence
■Add audio and video tracks needed to build your sequence
■Edit Interview, Narration and Images into the sequence
■Manage tracks to maintain sync
■Add audio as a bed for your sequence
■Drag and drop shots into the sequence using Segment Mode
■Rearrange shots using Segment Mode (Extract/Splice-in)
■Replace shots using Overwrite
■Delete unwanted bits of audio
■Adjust the pacing of the narration using Segment Mode
■Trim unwanted frames from segments
■Improve the pacing using Trim functions
■Exporting your sequence
Rock Climber Exercise.pdf
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Rock Climber Quicktime Files

Download the footage to go through the rock climber exercises in your own time.

Avid Keyboard shortcuts
Download a copy of the default keyboard layout for Avid Media Composer version 8
Avid Keyboard - named.png
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