Below are links to useful documents to help you with your assignments. From health and safety to logging sheets.

Out of Hours Access
When you are working outside normal opening hours, this form needs to be filled in and given to a technician.
OoH The Park Document - May 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 453.2 KB

Out Of Hours Access Brief
To help understand why you need to fill in the out of hours access form.
OoH The Park Document - Nov 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 428.5 KB

Off Campus Risk Assessment
When you go off site with the equipment, you need to fill in the risk assessment and get your lecturer to sign it off.
Risk Assessment Form - November 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.0 KB

Technical Delivery for Film and Television 2017_18
1.1 File Naming system
1.2 File Submission
2 Ident Clock With Slate
2.1 University start cards
2.2 Programme Layout
3 File Delivery Requirements
4 Technical Requirements – Video
4.1 Format
4.2 Aspect Ratio
4.3 ‘Cinemascope Ratio’ Letterbox
4.4 Archive Material
4.5 Safe area for captions
5 Technical Requirements – Audio
6 General Quality requirements
6.1 Picture Quality
6.2 Audio Quality
7 General Questions and Enquiry
Technical Delivery UOG Film and Televisi
Adobe Acrobat Document 855.7 KB
TV Studio Risk Assessment
TV Studio A floor - Risk Assessment Form
Adobe Acrobat Document 93.2 KB

Permit to Work
When you are working within the film studio and wanting to using equipment like a smoke machine (that the university provide) you need to fill this form in and submit to a technician.
Permission to Work Form.pdf
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