Technical Delivery for Film and Television 2017_18
1.1 File Naming system
1.2 File Submission
2 Ident Clock With Slate
2.1 University start cards
2.2 Programme Layout
3 File Delivery Requirements
4 Technical Requirements – Video
4.1 Format
4.2 Aspect Ratio
4.3 ‘Cinemascope Ratio’ Letterbox
4.4 Archive Material
4.5 Safe area for captions
5 Technical Requirements – Audio
6 General Quality requirements
6.1 Picture Quality
6.2 Audio Quality
7 General Questions and Enquiry
Technical Delivery UOG Film and Televisi
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An example of the text to add when using the clock.

10'' Clock.mp4
This file is to be used to identify your film with the following, programme name, module code, duration and date.
10'' CLOCK clean version.mp4
MP4 Video/Audio File 1.1 MB
How to Export your sequence from AVID
This document gives a step by step guide for exporting your finished sequence from Avid.
Please read the document and choose the appropriate export method.
Exporting from Avid for UOG students.pdf
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Avid to Davinci to Avid workflow
A workflow guide to go from Avid into Da Vinci Resolve and back into Avid again.
Avid to Davinci to Avid guide for UOG st
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Semester 2 Video Submission Guide